Move Me 2021 & 2022
Multi channel video installation

Our connection to the natural environment grows more distant with rapid technological advancements. Humankind is experiencing the world like never before through these technologies, at the same time we are having a significant impact on the planet's climate and ecosystems. Forests, especially tropical forests, play an important role in global climate change. Agricultural expansion and wood extraction are some of the main contributors to deforestation in some of the world's largest and more precious ecosystems.

Move Me is a site-specific installation for the exhibition ‘A Strange Space’ at Collingwood Yards presenting a figure and plant moving in synergy. The work is created using photogrammetry technology to create 3D models of nature and combining these with human movement through Motion Capture. By creating cross-species forms, the work attempts to embed humanity with the environment to highlight a reconnection to nature. The speculative future presented is void of actual human figures but presents the technology it uses within the production, the DATA that drives the movement, as a means to suggest our inherent trajectory into a post-human world.

The research and development of Move Me was supported through Australian Network for Art and Technology IDEATE program and the Philip Hunter Fellowship, Melbourne University.