Dissonant Terrain, 2023
Wagga Wagga Art Gallery

Heightened Terrain- Multichannel Looped video Projection, Sound
Being-Looped Video, LED module, Aluminium, Mirrored Acrylic, Sound
Flooded Forest- Looped Video, Sound
CO2 Shower- Looped Video, LED lighting, Aluminium, Sound
Multi-species-convergence- Looped Video, LED modular system, Steel, developed with digital choreographer Harrison Hall and movement artist Sarah Aiken
Immersive multi-channel sound by Jana Irmert

Dissonant Terrain, explores a post-natural discourse and its effects in the world where human activity continues to transform the natural environment. Through a range of digital mediums, including computer-generated images, video, sound, lighting, and sculpture, Yandell critiques the complex relationship between technology, nature, and the posthuman. ‘Dissonant Terrain’ is the result of Yandell's participation in the Labverde residency program, which took place in the Amazon Rainforest in September 2022.

Collaborating with Yandell, Berlin-based sound artist Jana Irmert, who also participated in the Labverde program in 2022, contributes to the creation of this immersive experience. Jana meticulously composes a multi-channel and directional soundscape that responds harmoniously to the moving images and lighting.

Article in ART+AUSTRALIA by Kelly Gellatly